We follow the trend of fashion design over the years to give our clients and prospective client best outfit for every event.


We make an awesome design for our clients and give the best design to showcase their beauty and glamour.


Creating final products for our clients to showcase our research and design innovation and creativity.


We provide Fashion training to individuals and groups as a passion or as a career to be an Entrepreneur.


We provide 24/7 Support services to our clients and student both offline and online to satisfy their feedbacks.


Our Focus is to market African fashion brand to the rest of the world, that is showcasing AFRICA brands.


Research and Brainstorming process on Fashion.

We are fashion minded. We watch fashion trends as fashion police that we are, to research on fashion outfit that fits a particular event, time and period. These serve as a catalyst to unveil the next acceptable fashion trends to the end users.

Based on our research result alongside some conclusion and report provided by our research team. Our fashion professional team will brainstorm to make a perfect decision on the next trend of fashion outfit to showcase to the general public which is the clients.

  • Scouting the Trends
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Fashionista Research
  • Detailed Fashion Analysis
  • Trends & Best Practices
  • Client Insights
  • Fashion Trend Brief
  • Product Vision

Making a sketch of our proposed styles gives our team a future perspective of our design choice which we are about to unveil to the final consumer.

We convert such sketches to enrich graphic design to give individual the final look and feel design of innovative concepts

This is the final stage of our fashion concept to a wearable style to end users. At this stage a wearable of different pattern and fabrics for end-user utilization.

Our Marketing team also take the responsibility to market our products to end users, using different marketing mediums to get traction from different people around the world.

Our sales team helps potential clients and existing clients to have the best of our product with 100% satisfaction. Our Customer is our priority.